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Isidoro is declared venerable

On December 21st, the Holy Father Pope Francis authorized the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to promulgate decrees concerning 8 causes of canonization. Among these was a decree declaring the heroic virtues of Isidoro Zorzano (1902 – 1943), an engineer who joined Opus Dei [...]
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Anniversary of St Josemaria’s ordination to the priesthood

On Wednesday, January 9, 1918, Josemaría turned sixteen. The city of Logroņo lay peaceful under a heavy snowfall. The temperature hovered around zero degrees Fahrenheit. No one went out unless they absolutely had to. José had found work in Logroņo as a sales clerk in [...]
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What sort of childhood did Josemaria Escriva have?

Josemaria’s home town was Barbastro, a small but prosperous city with its own cathedral, in the north-east of Spain. Although at that time, in the first decade of the twentieth century, much of Spain was suffering the effects of the loss of its overseas colonies, [...]
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Mr Jose Escriva's business collapsed

Mr Jose Escriva was Josemaria's dad. His business collapsed, and he had to take a job in Logroņo. The family moved there in 1915.
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The life of saint Josemaria for children

The life of St Josemaria for children Interview with the author: how this book was written Paulina Monckeberg, author and illustrator of the book Vida y venturas de un borrico de noria... y su relojerico (“Life and adventures of a water-wheel donkey... and his little watch-mender”) [...]
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Commemorative plaques of St Josemaría in Logroño

The town of Logroņo, Spain, has recently put up two plaques to commemorate the years that St Josemaría lived there. The Founder of Opus Dei was born in Barbastro, Huesca Province, in 1902, but in 1915 the Escrivá family moved to Logroņo where his father, [...]
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Footprints in the Snow

It may seem surprising that a little thing like some footprints in the snow was enough to make a teenager take the great decision to give his life to God. But that is the language God often uses to call people, and that is how [...]
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