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Keep Calm and Trust

St Josemaria encourages his hearers to trust in God's mercy in difficult times and not to worry, because God gives strength: "Keep calm and trust".
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Rosalia Lopez Interview

While you are working, say loving things to him Rosalia Lopez has lived in Rome since 1946, having moved there at St Josemaria’s invitation. Only a few months previously, she had decided to join Opus Dei, while she was working in the catering department or “administration” [...]
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Making others happy

Our Lord is on the Cross saying, “I am suffering so that men, who are my brothers, may be happy, not only in Heaven, but also – as far as possible – on earth, if they really embrace the most Holy Will of my heavenly [...]
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To fight for love

Msgr Jaime Fuentes was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, studied journalism at the University of Navarra, and obtained a doctorate in theology at the same university. In 1967, when he was very young, he moved to Rome, where he lived in the same house as St [...]
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Understanding, dialogue, love

Dialogue Charity does not consist so much in “giving” as in “understanding”. Therefore, seek an excuse for your neighbour — there is always one be found, — if it is your duty to judge. The Way, 463 We Christians have to be ready to share our lives with [...]
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Pope explains Christ's commandment of love

February 14, 2011. Like every Sunday at the Vatican, pilgrims arrived in St. Peter's Square to pray with Benedict XVI. The Pope addressed the 30 thousand people filling the square on Christ's commandments of love that he reinterpreted from the Torah. “Jesus explains it [...]
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The Christ Child

St Josemaria with a figure of the Christ Child in his arms talking to people in Opus Dei in Rome, Christmas 1972.
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Work on Church of St Josemaria forges ahead in Munyaka

In 2003, the Catholics of Munyaka obtained some land to begin building a church in honor of St Josemaria Escriva. They now have a temporary building which they use for Sunday Mass, and they are hoping that the proper church, with a presbytery, will soon [...]
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Reaching each person’s heart

I have worked for several years in different catering and hospitality schools and at the same time in the service sector. I am currently studying for a degree in dietetics, because I see thorough scientific training as essential if I am to do my work [...]
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Facing up to the fear of death

Listen, my son, I’ll tell you something I heard not long ago. A friend of yours whom you may not know personally – he runs several businesses, he’s a very busy man, and constantly on the move from one place to another – told me [...]
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