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Holiness in the Middle of the World

Video. “We find God there in our daily lives,” says St Josemaria in this video compilation, made up of clips of different people who are seeking holiness in the middle of the world.
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Since I discovered the gift of Faith, there's no other way I'd want to live

I am married and the mother of three children. I lost my own mother when I was still very small. However, I had a happy, peaceful childhood thanks to the special support given me by one of my aunts. The onset of adolescence and other [...]
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Any questions about Opus Dei?

Journalists asked St Josemaria... A series of questions from journalists about Opus Dei, answered by its founder St Josemaria Escriva, and published in the book Conversations with Msgr. Escriva (1968). 1- How and why did you found Opus Dei? 2- What is Opus Dei’s basic mission and what [...]
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Did Josemaria have the vision of Opus Dei just like it comes in the movie?

It was substantially the same, according to the account left by St Josemaria. It happened on October 2, 1928, while he was doing a spiritual retreat. There, alone in his room, he saw what God wanted of him, and Opus Dei was born as a [...]
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Early Days in Madrid

In mid-April 1927 Father Josemaria moved to Madrid, to study for a doctorate in law while working as assistant priest at the church of St Michael. Having almost no contacts there, he first stayed in modest lodgings, but soon transferred to a residence for priests [...]
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What difficulties did Opus Dei meet with at the start?

Difficulties arose from different directions. There were Catholics who couldn’t understand Opus Dei’s message that holiness was for everyone, including ordinary lay-people. Some people judged Opus Dei according to their own criteria, unable to recognize its members’ freedom and personal responsibility. There were certain anti-Christian [...]
Tags: October 2, 1928, Founding of Opus Dei

The founding of Opus Dei

Tuesday, October 2, 1928, feast of the Guardian Angels, was the second day of a week-long retreat for diocesan priests being given in the house of the Vincentian Fathers in the outskirts of Madrid, Spain. The six priests attending the retreat had celebrated Mass, breakfasted, [...]
Tags: October 2, 1928, Founding of Opus Dei

Let each wayfarer follow his way

My vocation was like falling in love. Liliana Iavicoli, from Argentina, tells how the discovery of her vocation brought new light into her life.
Tags: October 2, 1928, Founding of Opus Dei, Freedom, Ordinary life, supernumerary

In the Press: Opus Dei celebrates its 80th birthday

Several Masses were held in the region to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the founding of Opus Dei. The Apostolic Nuncio to Trinidad, Archbishop Thomas Edward Gullickson, was the principal celebrant at a Eucharistic celebration at the Church of St Ann, St Ann's, earlier this [...]
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New discoveries on Opus Dei founding

Historical Journal Studia et Documenta: Issue 3 just published. Historians and readers interested in the history of Opus Dei and its founder will find much to occupy their studies in Issue 3 (2009) of the journal Studia et Documenta, published March 2009. The majority of the [...]
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