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Pope Francis prayed for suffering families during the Angelus

(romereports.com) During the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis spoke about the state of world families, and invited all pilgrims to pray, especially for the families going through though times.
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Pope's Marian Day Mass: Families need to learn how to say 'thank you' and 'I'm sorry'

(romereports.com) More than 100,000 pilgrims filled St. Peter Square on Sunday as the Pope entrusted the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Reflecting on the faith of Our Lady, the Pope urged Christians to reject the short-term culture that has taken over marriage and [...]
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Pope Francis: rebuild peace and harmony with encounter, not conflict

(romereports.com) Pope Francis decisively denounced all forms of violence, during Saturday's vigil for peace at St. Peter's Square. Nearly 100,000 people joined him during the four hour prayer service to Our Lady.
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Our Lady, Queen of Heaven

“Thou art all fair and in thee there is no stain. Thou art a garden enclosed, my sister, Spouse, an enclosed garden, a sealed fountain. Veni: coronaberis. Come: thou shalt be crowned” (Song 4:7, 12 and 8). If you and I had had the power, [...]
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Pope Francis prays before Our Lady of Aparecida

(www.romereports.com) Upon his arrival to the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida, Pope Francis prayed before Our Lady, just moments after walking into the Sanctuary.
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Our Lady of Aparecida, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The story of the shrine of Aparecida Aparecida do Norte is a small town built on a hill about 175 km from the city of Sao Paulo, on the road to Rio de Janeiro. Beside it runs the broad, swift-flowing River Paraiba, which at this [...]
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Saint Josemaria Escriva in Mexico

Unpublished videoclip images from the novena that St Josemaria did in Guadalupe, Mexico, May 16 - 24, 1970
Tags: Holy Rosary, Our Lady, Devotion, Josemaria Escriva, Mexico

Why do we love our Lady?

Faith in the fact that God himself became man has been the joyful conviction of the Church from the very beginning. To come into the world, God chose to rely on the free cooperation of a human being, Mary, to be the mother of his [...]
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What can I do to love our Lady?

Please, Father, what can I do to love our Lady? -I think you’re already doing what you can. You have some devotions at the year-end, a novena to the Immaculate Conception, right? Do you? -Yes, fine. -Well, I also advise you to follow the Seven Sundays of St [...]
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St Josemaria is Cured of Diabetes

On April 27, 1954, feast of our Lady of Montserrat, after having something like a severe allergic reaction, St Josemaria was cured inexplicably (according to medical opinion) of the diabetes which he had suffered from for several years. People who have had a brush with death, [...]
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