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Visit Rome, following the footsteps of St Josemaría

St Josemaria is a good guide to the many places in Rome that he himself visited to draw faith from the witness of the early Christians. This collection reveals the main traces of the history of the Catholic Church that are to be found in [...]
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More Downloads

Further documents relating to St Josemaria’s life and teachings can be downloaded from the web as follows. HOMILIES Text (PDF) The Church "Loyalty to the Church", published in the book In Love with the Church "A Priest Forever", published in In Love with the Church Advent "The Christian Vocation", a homily given [...]
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The prelatic church of Opus Dei

A place of prayer, housing the mortal remains of Saint Josemaría Escrivá The mortal remains of Saint Josemaría Escrivá are contained in a casket located beneath the altar of the Church of Our Lady of Peace. Millions of people throughout the world turn to Saint Josemaría’s [...]
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The Roman Forum

The Roman Forum In the time of the Emperors, after a long period of peace and prosperity, the population of Rome had reached the impressive figure of one million people. A tiny minority of these lived in tranquil, spacious villas, while the most of the [...]
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St John Lateran

Click here to download the complete the tour in pdf format.St John Lateran. During the first centuries, because of persecutions, celebration of the Eucharist and instruction in the faith took place in private houses, which some Christian families – usual those who were better off and [...]
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Malaysians to witness canonisation of Escriva

A group of some 20 Malaysian Catholics attended the canonization of Josemaria Escriva. A Malaysian newspaper, The Sunday Star, published a brief article on the day of the canonization ceremony to commemorate the event. KUALA LUMPUR: A group of about 20 Malaysians Catholics is attending [...]
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From 17 May 1992 to 6 October 2002

Canonizations have always been a real feast for the Church. The people who attend canonization ceremonies are filled with joy, and it shows in their happy faces, exchanges of hugs and greetings, and their songs. As theologian José Luis Illanes says, “Every canonization begins from [...]
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The memory of St Paul

The memory of St Paul Among the first Christians at Rome were disciples of St Paul, as is evident from the long list of greetings at the end of the Letter to the Romans. On the Aventine Hill in Rome lived Aquila and Prisca or Priscilla, [...]
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The Via Appia

The Via Appia In the year 312 B.C. the Senator Appius Claudius was appointed Censor of the Republic of Rome. During his term of office he undertook many major reforms and public works, but history remembers him principally for the construction of the road that [...]
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The Holy Cross in Jerusalem

Download The Holy Cross in Jerusalem in pdf format Among the Jews it was not permitted to bury executed criminals in the common cemetery, and this was one reason why the Body of Jesus was taken to a private tomb, given by Joseph of Arimathea (cf. [...]
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