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Not more Doves? Balloons released as a symbol for peace during Pope's Angelus

Video. (Rome Reports). Thousands of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square on Sunday to pray the Angelus with the Pope. The central message was peace, with Pope Francis calling for violence to stop in Ukraine. "I assure you, I will be praying for those who [...]
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Pope reflects on his trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines, during general audience

Video. (Rome Reports). In his weekly general audience, Pope Francis reflected on the highlights of his recent trip to Asia. Echoing themes he talked about in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, the Pope emphasized the important role families play in society. He added that he [...]
Tags: Poverty, family, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pope Francis

Pope Francis gives tips to families, married couples and even children

Video. (Rome Reports). The Pope gave quite a few headliners when he addressed families in the Philippines. He started off with giving the crowd a few tips on happiness. Among them-don't stop dreaming! They were off the cuff remarks he said in Spanish. "Every [...]
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Pope to Interfaith leaders: We don't have to renounce our faith, to live in peace

Video. (Rome Reports). As part of his trip to Sri-Lanka, the Pope met with leaders of the area's major religions. Buddhism, Hinduism. Islam and Christianity. It was a one of a kind meeting and a local Cardinal recognized its importance. "It is no doubt a [...]
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Pope's Angelus: Sin only brings failure and misery to life

Video. (Rome Reports). During his Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis thanked Catholics their prayers for his next trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. "Thank you for what you wrote on that banner, thank you very much! I ask you to stay with me through prayer. And [...]
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Francis and Benedict: Continuity or Rupture?

By Mariano Fazio, new Vicar General of Opus Dei, author of "El Papa Francisco. Claves de su pensamiento" Many months have passed since the election of Francis as the successor of Benedict XVI. The change in style is very evident, very similar to the change in [...]
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Pope to Mothers: Thank You!

Video. (Rome Reports). In his first general audience of 2015, Pope Francis focused his catechesis on the role of mothers both in society and in the Church. He added that being a mother entails much more than just childbearing. He went on to describe motherhood [...]
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Pope's First Angelus of 2015: Peace is possible!

Video. (Rome Reports). "Dear brothers and sisters, good morning and Happy New Year.” This is how Pope Francis kicked off the first Angelus of 2015. With thousands of people out in St. Peter's Square, the Pope highlighted that New Years is the perfect time to [...]
Tags: Hope, Freedom, Our Lady of Peace, Pope Francis

Pope Francis to large families: you are a gift to society

(Vatican Radio). Pope Francis said on Sunday that “in a world often marred by selfishness, a large family is a role model for solidarity and sharing and this benefits the whole of society.” The Pope’s remarks came during an address to a gathering of [...]
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Pope Francis: The Holy Family is a shining example of mercy

(Vatican Radio). Pope Francis said on Sunday that “his thoughts are with those on board the missing AirAsia plane that disappeared during a flight between Indonesia and Singapore.” He added he was also thinking of two separate accidents involving two merchant ships and a [...]
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