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Pope Francis to workers: not having a job takes away dignity

Pope Francis met with nearly 600 workers affected by the economic crisis in Molise. He listed attentively as they shared their experiences. They included a pregnant mother, concerned with the future of her children. WORKER "Throughout the years, my job has given me the chance to look [...]
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Pope calls for dialogue to avoid war in Iraq

Pope Francis expressed his concern for the situation in Iraq, where ISIS militants sparked a conflict leaving thousands of victims so far. POPE FRANCIS "I join the country's bishops in asking the government to preserve national unity through dialogue, and avoid war. I am especially close to [...]
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Six soccer analogies the Pope has used to talk about God

Video. (Rome Reports) This World Cup the Pope has made it clear he will remain neutral. But he often expresses his passion for soccer to describe Christian life. "Jesus asks us to follow him all of our lives, he asks us to be his [...]
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Pope in Corpus Christi Mass: Do I feed myself the bread of the Lord or of slavery?

Video. (Rome Reports) Pope Francis invited worshipers at the Mass of Corpus Christi to "remember,” to never forget that Christians are completely dependent on the Lord. Only He has the nourishment that fills people with truth. "Some feed on money, others with success and vanity. [...]
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Pope begins new Catechesis on the role of the Church

Video. (Rome Reports) On Wednesday, the Pope began a new cycle of catechesis on the role of the Church. He explained that the Universal Church is not just an 'institution' but rather a community, mother and family through which God expresses His love. SUMMARY OF [...]
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Pope announces he will visit Albania on September 21st

Video. (Rome Reports) Despite the rainy weather, thousands of people came out to see Pope Francis pray the Angelus in St. Peter's Square. Reflecting on Sunday's Gospel, he said that Christians who express hate, are a walking contradiction. "It's a contradiction to have Christians who [...]
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Pope talks about the fear of the Lord in his weekly General Audience

Video. (Rome Reports) Pope Francis ended a series on the seven gifts of the catechesis, talking about the fear of the Lord. He explained that it wasn't a dark feeling, but rather a joyful awareness that only God provides true peace. The Pope said this [...]
Tags: Holy Spirit, Pope Francis, fear of the Lord

Pope to Presidents of Israel and Palestine: Peace takes more courage than war

Video. (Rome Reports) It was a meeting where politics was set aside, and priority was given to prayer. Pope Francis invited the Presidents of Israel and Palestine to pray for peace. Each president arrived separately and the Pope personally greeted each one of them. [...]
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Pope explains gift of piety during General Audience

Video. (Rome Reports) During his weekly General Audience, Pope Francis talked about the gift of piety. He explained that this gift of the Holy Spirit is deeper than mere 'outward religiosity.' For the Pope, the gift of piety, means experiencing 'ever anew, with joy and [...]
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Pope asks Christians to pray for the unemployed

One of Pope Francis' main concerns is what he calls the 'throw-away culture,' an economic system that leaves thousands of people, especially youth, without work. In his universal prayer intentions for June, the Pope asks Christians to pray for the unemployed, so that "they may receive [...]
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