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Prayer and Spirituality

Your ordinary contact with God takes place where your fellow men, your yearnings, your work and your affections are. There you have your daily encounter with Christ. It is in the midst of the most material things of the earth that we must sanctify ourselves, [...]
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Discovering the God's hand in everything

Video. To discover God in everything is the suggestion that Bishop Alvaro del Portillo makes in this brief video.
Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Presence of God, Beatification

By doing your duty as a Christian

A university lecturer asks St Josemaria how to stay in God's presence during intellectual work. St Josemaria answers, "I want you, before you begin, to offer your work, and when you get distracted, when something distracts you, offer him your work again, and when you [...]
Tags: Presence of God, Work, Josemaria Escriva

Rosalia Lopez Interview

While you are working, say loving things to him Rosalia Lopez has lived in Rome since 1946, having moved there at St Josemaria’s invitation. Only a few months previously, she had decided to join Opus Dei, while she was working in the catering department or “administration” [...]
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Public relations on earth and in heaven

A mother and housewife who also works in public relations asks how to live in God's presence. - Father, I'm a mother and a housewife, but I also work in public relations. My question is: Here in Sao Paulo, where life can be quite frenetic, there's [...]
Tags: Prayer, Presence of God, Brasil

To say Thank you

Many times a day Get used to lifting your heart to God, in acts of thanksgiving, many times a day. Because he gives you this and that. Because you have been despised. Because you haven't what you need or because you have. Because he made his [...]
Tags: Gratitude, Optimism, Prayer, Presence of God

We are God’s children

Rest in divine filiation. God is a Father — your Father! — full of warmth and infinite love. —Call him Father frequently and tell him, when you are alone, that you love him, that you love him very much!, and that you feel proud and strong [...]
Tags: Divine sonship, Presence of God, Solidarity

If you’re going to do something, do it big!

When people ask me how many children I have, I often tell them twelve, plus two non-profits: working with a non-profit is like having another child. It was largely through the inspiration of Josemaria Escriva and the support of Opus Dei that I came to [...]
Tags: Family and work, Children, Poverty, Presence of God

Without changing anything, it changed everything

The fascinating world of horses has led me to dedicate many years to different equestrian sports, and as time passes I feel more and more that it has been my whole life. I have gone in for dressage, and taken part in national and international [...]
Tags: sports, Divine sonship, Ascetical struggle, Presence of God

Escrivá a Source of Inspiration for the Modern World

"Opus Dei marked a decisive intervention by God in the life and the work of many individuals and of the Church at large." An article in memory of saint Josemaria by the Archbishop of Tuam, was published in The Irish Catholic. "Eaten bread," they say, "is [...]
Tags: Abandonment to God, Apostolate, Canonization, God’s glory, Presence of God