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My Heart Was Asking For Something Great... and It Was Love

Video. St Josemaria was ordained priest on March 28, 1925. This video includes clips of St Josemaria talking about his vocation to the priesthood. “Before God, I'm like a little donkey, pulling the cart. That has been the job I have dedicated myself to. My job [...]
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The Way made a deeply impression in my life

"The Way, that book, made a deep impression on my life. It’s one of the few books that I read from beginning to end without leaving it, except for the meals. I read it through, all through. And I wondered, who is this man who [...]
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St. Josemaria Escriva's impact

Video.(Catholic News Services) "St. Josemaria told me, love your family very much". James Socias, now a priest, recalls the counsel he received from Saint Josemaria after joining Opus Dei. He was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1939. He received a doctorate in naval engineering from the [...]
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So that other people won't worry

Video. Fr Ernesto Garcia lived in Rome for several years with St Josemaria, founder of Opus Dei. He tells how St Josemaria was concerned when he saw him looking tired, and recommended him not only to rest, but to look cheerful, "so that other people [...]
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Centenary of Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica's Birth

Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica was born in Madrid on 17 November 1913. He gained three doctorates: in Mining Engineering, Natural Science, and Theology. He joined Opus Dei on 28 July 1935. He died in Barcelona on December 7, 1972. He responded generously to God's specific call, and [...]
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Holy Mass

During his catechesis in Spain in 1972, St Josemaria spoke of the importance of the Holy Mass and the ministerial priesthood.
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St Josemaria talks about the mission of priests

A university lecturer asks St Josemaria about the role of priests in today's world. This was in the setting of a gathering in Brazil, June 1, 1974, when St Josemaria was in the fiftieth year of his own priesthood. - Father, I'm a university lecturer. [...]
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March 28: Josemaria ordained a priest

On March 28, 1925, aged 23, St Josemaria was ordained in St Charles' Church, Saragossa, Spain. He offered his first Mass for the soul of his father, who had died 4 months before. From that day on, his life revolved around celebrating the Eucharist and [...]
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With open arms

Catholic priests need to be open to everyone -- those on the left, those on the right, those in front, those behind, I like priests to be just priests, not to get mixed up in other things. To limit themselves to their spiritual mission, and [...]
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John Paul II to be listed in Guinness Book of Records

romereports.com He's a man who has every right to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.
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