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Pope's General Audience: Celebration, work and prayer are all needed for a balanced life

Video (Rome Reports). On Wednesday Pope Francis, began series of catechesis, based on three facets of a balanced life: celebration, work and prayer. The Pope emphasized why all three are important for a healthy family life. He also explained that despite the social obsession of [...]
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The Family: Work and Celebration

The Seventh World Meeting of Families will take place from May 30 to June 3 in Milan, Italy. The theme for the meeting is “The Family: Work and Celebration” . This is because the question of how to achieve a work-life balance [...]
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Summers in Fonz

Summers in Fonz The children looked forward excitedly to the summer holidays in Fonz in July and August. When the time came they packed suitcases and trunks with all the things they could possibly need. Josemaria’s grandparents, Don José and Doña Constancia, were from Fonz. They were [...]
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I think I should remind you of how important it is to rest. If sickness comes, we will receive it happily, as coming from God’s hand; but we shouldn’t cause it by our own imprudent behavior. We are human beings and we need to restore [...]
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Homily by the Prelate of Opus Dei, June 26, 2010

Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei Homily for the feast of St Josemaria Escriva, given in the [...]
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St. Josemaria's visits to the UK

The founder of Opus Dei went to England in the summers of five successive years, 1958 to 1962.
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I have always seen rest as time set aside from daily tasks, never as days of idleness. Rest means recuperation: to gain strength, form ideals and make plans. In other words it means a change of occupation, so that you can come back later with a [...]
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London, August 1958: You can’t, but I can!

The founder of Opus Dei first visited London in 1958. He stayed from the beginning of August to the middle of September. He returned in each of the following years until 1962. In 1958, he arrived on August 4 and the following day wrote on [...]
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Working summers

Whenever Cardinal Pizzardo met Monsignor Escriva, regardless of who was looking, he would take Escriva’s head between his hands and give him a big loud kiss on the nape of the neck, exclaiming, “Thank you for teaching me how to relax.!” And if he saw [...]
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