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Anniversary of St Josemaria’s ordination to the priesthood

On Wednesday, January 9, 1918, Josemaría turned sixteen. The city of Logroño lay peaceful under a heavy snowfall. The temperature hovered around zero degrees Fahrenheit. No one went out unless they absolutely had to. José had found work in Logroño as a sales clerk in [...]
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Was Manolo, one of the main characters in There Be Dragons, a real person? Did St Josemaria have a friend like Manolo?

Manolo is a fictional character. There are not many parallels between him and any of St Josemaria’s fellow-seminarians in San Carlos Seminary in Saragossa. Naturally, some of those seminarians ended up doing other things and didn’t become priests. Some of them kept in contact with [...]
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Josemaria becomes a Priest

A Priest of Jesus Christ The long-awaited day arrived. March 28, 1925, in the church of St Charles Seminary, Josemaria, aged 23, received ordination to the priesthood. His little family, in their best clothes, witnessed the ceremony from the front bench: Mrs Dolores Escriva, Carmen, and [...]
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The Seminary Years

Why am I becoming a priest? Our Lord wants something: what is it? And in Latin — not very elegant Latin — … I kept repeating Domine, ut videam! Ut sit! Ut sit! The thing that you want, and that I don’t know — make [...]
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