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Pope Francis at the general audience: To ignore the poor is to despise God

Video. (Rome Reports).Like every Wednesday morning, before giving his catechesis, the Pope rode in the Popemobile between an enthusiastic crowd to greet the pilgrims. He explained another of the great parables of the Gospel; that of the rich man and Lazarus. POPE FRANCIS "It represents two ways of [...]
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Pope visit to Lesbos: The saddest journey that I have made

Video. (Rome Reports). During his flight to the island of Lesbos, the Pope recalled how this is one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes of our time. The Pope recalled that is the saddest journey that he has made. POPE FRANCIS "It is a sad journey. We are [...]
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Pope Francis' Best Quotes About the Family During his Trip the U.S. and Cuba

Video (Rome Reports).His final destination was the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia. But before he got there, and before he even arrived in the United States, Pope Francis made family life one of the central messages of his latest papal trip. During a meeting with [...]
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The Most Powerful Lines From Pope Francis' Address to Congress

Video (Rome Reports). Pope Francis' historic address to Congress covered a wide range of issues, from arms trafficking to family life. Many of those in the audience were brought to tears, and applause interrupted the Pope several times. Here are the best lines from the [...]
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Transforming young people's lives

Video. St Josemaria's vision of holiness in everyday life is transforming the lives of urban youth in Chicago through two educational centers. An hour-long EWTN programme looks at Midtown Center for boys and Metro Achievement Center for girls, where young people from deprived backgrounds [...]
Tags: Education, Youth, Solidarity, development, Society, US, Metro

The 14 Papal phrases that triggered applause in the European Parliament

Video. (Rome Reports). As the Pope addressed the European Parliament, legislators broke out in applause a total of 14 times. These were the phrases that triggered such a reaction. 1.- HUMAN DIGNITY "What dignity can a person ever hope to find when he or she [...]
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May Europe find the spirit that makes it great

Video. (Rome Reports) It was a relatively short flight for Pope Francis. Upon his arrival to the French city of Strasbourg, crowds were waiting for him outside, ready to cheer him on. The Pope called on European leaders to leave a tired Europe behind and [...]
Tags: Solidarity, development, Dignity, family, Society, Pope Francis

Pope to Slum Community: Bread is necessary, but don't ignore your spiritual hunger

(Romereports.com) The Pope's visit to a Brazilian slum was one of the stops he explicitly, added to the trip's schedule. He was given a warm welcome as he walked into the slums of the Manguinhos Complex. He blessed a parish altar, and he made his [...]
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The Baytree Centre

An insight into the valuable work of young volunteers at The Baytree Centre, a social inclusion project based in South London.
Tags: Education, Youth, Society, UK

Metro Achievement Center: A Legacy of St. Josemaría

Social Development at Metro Achievement Center: A Legacy of St. Josemaría Guided by St. Josemaría Escrivá’s passion for social development and the education of youth, the Metro Achievement Center opened its doors twenty-five years ago in the heart of Chicago’s inner city. Metro is one [...]
Tags: Education, Youth, Solidarity, Society, US, Metro