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Six soccer analogies the Pope has used to talk about God

Video. (Rome Reports) This World Cup the Pope has made it clear he will remain neutral. But he often expresses his passion for soccer to describe Christian life. "Jesus asks us to follow him all of our lives, he asks us to be his [...]
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St Josemaria Rugby Club

I spent most of my time in El Roble School, Guatemala. Ever since I was little it’s been like my second home, I grew up there and I currently work there. Some time ago, seeing how popular rugby was becoming in Guatemala, we decided to [...]
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The Little Football Team that Could

“I-think-I can, I-think-I-can,” puffed the little train as it labored with all its might, pulling up a mountain the load that other, bigger engines had refused. We all know the happy ending to the popular children’s tale, “The Little Engine that Could,” a story often [...]
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The Christian's vaulting-pole

What St Josemaria learnt from Olympic athletes about Christian living
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Crotona Center, US

New York’s Bronx district is notorious for its social problems. A stereotyped view has it characterized by the triad of drugs, crime and poverty. The reality is more complex and, thank God, not so totally negative. You only have to look and see. Every year [...]
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Sport and interior life

To you, who like sports, the Apostle’s argument should appeal: “All the runners at the stadium are trying to win, but only one of them gets the prize. You must run in the same way, meaning to win.” The Way, 318 “It is a time of hope, [...]
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Centro ELIS, Italy

Centro ELIS, founded in Rome nearly forty years ago, runs a series of training activities connected with employment and sports with one end in view: to help every boy who takes part in them to mature on both the human and the Christian plane. Centro ELIS [...]
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Without changing anything, it changed everything

The fascinating world of horses has led me to dedicate many years to different equestrian sports, and as time passes I feel more and more that it has been my whole life. I have gone in for dressage, and taken part in national and international [...]
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A goal offered to God

I’ve been playing football ever since I could walk. My Dad urged me on, because he’s a great sportsman and fanatical about football. I played junior football for the Little Place Club and also in inter-school tournaments, wearing the Monte VI strip, which was the [...]
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Giovanni Trapattoni, Soccer coach, Italy

Josemaria Escriva has taught many athletes that their efforts in training and in competition, their companionship with team-mates, their esteem for their opponents, their humility in victory and good spirit in defeat, are a specific path for reaching God and for serving others.
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