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New research on the history of Opus Dei

The fourth number of Studia et Documenta (2010), a journal written mainly in Spanish and Italian about the history of Opus Dei and its founder St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, has just come out. The theme of one section of this issue is educational initiatives [...]
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Studies on St Josemaria and Opus Dei

Theological and historical studies on St Josemaria and Opus Dei M. Belda, J. Escudero, J. L. Illanes and P. O’Callaghan. Holiness and the World: Studies in the Teachings of Josemaria Escriva (tr. M. Adams), Princeton: Scepter; Dublin: Four Courts Press; Chicago: Midwest Theological Forum, 1997 Contains [...]
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To young people

To do great things you need a great heart, a clear head, and friendliness, said St Josemaria to young people.
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Studies: St Josemaria’s education

The academic journal Studia et Documenta is published by the Instituto Storico San Josemaria Escriva. It contains articles about St Josemaria and the history of Opus Dei. The second volume, recently issued, covers St Josemaria’s education. Professor José Luis Illanes says in his introduction: “To dedicate [...]
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New discoveries on Opus Dei founding

Historical Journal Studia et Documenta: Issue 3 just published. Historians and readers interested in the history of Opus Dei and its founder will find much to occupy their studies in Issue 3 (2009) of the journal Studia et Documenta, published March 2009. The majority of the [...]
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Interview with Msgr José Luis Illanes about the journal "Studia et Documenta"

The “St Josemaría Escrivá Historical Institute” in Rome (ISJE) is now launching a specialized annual journal entitled Studia et Documenta. In addition to gathering studies in history, theology, jurisprudence, sociology and related fields, the journal has a selection of texts written by St Josemaría himself, [...]
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The “Istituto Storico San Josemaría Escrivá” in Rome launches a specialized annual journal

The figure of Saint Josemaría and the history of Opus Dei are arousing growing interest among historians, sociologists, humanists, jurists, specialists in Christian spirituality and other researchers of recent Catholic history. The Saint Josemaría Escrivá Historical Institute was founded in 2001 with its headquarters in [...]
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You are so young! To me you are like a ship setting out on its voyage. If that slight deviation of today is left uncorrected, you will never reach port in the end. The Way, 248 God’s Call How frankly you laughed when I advised you to [...]
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Student: form yourself in a solid and active piety, be outstanding in study, have a strong desire for the ‘professional’ apostolate. And with that vigor of your religious and professional training, I promise you rapid and far-reaching developments. The Way, 346 You pray, you deny yourself, you [...]
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Metro Achievement Center, US

Metro Achievement Center is a youth education center run by Midtown Educational Foundation. Pupils there are from majority Hispanic and Afro-American backgrounds, coming from the most deprived parts of Chicago. Since 1994, Metro has been housed in a 1,500m ² building with classrooms, two IT [...]
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