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St. Josemaria Talks About Torreciudad

Video. 2015 marks the 40th anniversay of the inauguation of the Shrine at Torreciudad, which opened in July 1975. In 1972, St. Josemaria spoke about the construction of this Marian shrine, during a large get-together in Barcelona.
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The Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Torreciudad in Spain

The Marian Shrine of Torreciudad is located in the Aragon Pyrenees, in the North of Spain. Once lost in the mountains, today the shrine is easily accessible, where peace and silence are found in a setting of great natural beauty. Devotion to Our Lady of Torreciudad [...]
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Magnanimity, faith, and “madness”

For nine centuries Torreciudad has been a meeting-point for devotion to the Virgin Mary. St. Josemaria joined in with this story: his love for our Blessed Lady led him to initiate the building of a shrine. At the time, carrying out this project seemed like [...]
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Our Lady’s love

The Little Watch-mender spend long hours silently contemplating baby Josemaria. He was always attentive to him. Josemaria was a lively baby, and when he was extra happy he would rattle the bars of his cot, bouncing up and down so vigorously that one day he [...]
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To launch out into great undertakings

Fr Cesar Ortiz-Echague was born in Madrid in 1927. He started work as an architect in 1952. He had met St Josemaria in January 1945, and in October of that same year he asked to be admitted to Opus Dei. As from 1959, he provided [...]
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100 Years since the Escrivás’ Pilgrimage to Torreciudad

2004 marks the centenary of the pilgrimage made by Mr and Mrs Escrivá in gratitude to our Lady of Torreciudad. They attributed the cure of their son, Saint Josemaría, whose life had been despaired of by their doctor, to her intercession. In 1930 Saint Josemaría wrote [...]
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I Seek Your Face

St Josemaria’s soul burned with the desire to see God’s face. “Lord, I long to see your face, to contemplate you in wonder!” On March 28, 1975, Father Josemaría completed fifty years of priesthood. He did not want any festivities, he wished to spend that day [...]
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