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Paul, USA

Paul lives in Sherborn, MA. He is majoring in musical composition and is now 20. “I hope my work as a composer will enable me to give joy to other people.” What is the meaning of life for you? For me, the meaning of my life is [...]
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I'm called to be a saint

Video. In this clip from Passionately Loving the World, Chris Blunt talks about the profound effect that St. Josemaria's teachings have had on his faith. "I am called to be a saint. And the way that I do that is through my ordinary work. [...]
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Fr. Dick Rieman

Fr. Dick Rieman is the first member of Opus Dei in the United States. In this clip from Passionately Loving the World, Fr. Dick shares his story about meeting St. Josemaria Escriva in Rome for the first time. Passionately Loving the World is a short documentary [...]
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Everyday Holiness: The Life of Fr. Joseph Muzquiz

Father Muzquiz is the priest who began Opus Dei in the United States. His cause of canonization opened in Boston in June 2011. Boston’s Cardinal O’Malley said that “we are blessed that the cause of sainthood for Father Joseph Muzquiz, the priest who brought Opus [...]
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Remain with Us Lord

What is the meaning of the Mass in my daily life? How does the Mass strengthen me to accept the challenges and give thanks for the gifts that God places in my life? How do I transmit to others the joy of my personal encounter with Jesus [...]
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2012 Holds Multiple Anniversaries for Opus Dei

By JIM GRAVES, published by National Catholic Register The beginning of each of the past three decades has brought about a significant event for Opus Dei, whose mission is to promote holiness among laypeople as they go about their daily work. In 1982, Pope John Paul II [...]
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Metro Achievement Center: A Legacy of St. Josemaría

Social Development at Metro Achievement Center: A Legacy of St. Josemaría Guided by St. Josemaría Escrivá’s passion for social development and the education of youth, the Metro Achievement Center opened its doors twenty-five years ago in the heart of Chicago’s inner city. Metro is one [...]
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Wife, Mother of Four and Business Owner

Mary Beth Burger is a forty-two-year-old supernumerary. She is a wife and mother of four. She is a physical therapist and owns an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinic in Virginia. Her oldest child, Christopher, was born blind and suffers from other handicaps, including a form [...]
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10 Questions about the St. Josemaria Institute

The St. Josemaria Institute was founded in the United States in 2006 to help people discover and explore the life and teachings of St. Josemaria, the “patron saint of ordinary life”, who has become a spiritual guide for thousands of people around the world. Elia [...]
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Love, time, and everything

Doris Cerna Peruvian, Immigrant and Child Care Provider Doris Cerna moved to the United States from Peru with her husband and two small boys in december of 1990. She has been a supernumerary member of Opus Dei since 1985. She met Opus Dei through her [...]
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