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What faith means when you're 20

In the documentary “Faith at 20. Young people in dialogue with St Josemaria”, twelve young people talk about how they approach different aspects of Christian faith. The 27-minute documentary includes previously unpublished images of St Josemaria, and testimonies by young people from Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, [...]
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Beginning Again

Someone in Spain asked St Josemaria if God doesn't get tired of us committing the same faults.
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Reading The Way in Afghanistan

A Portuguese girl tells the Prelate of Opus Dei about a wounded soldier reading The Way, and asks how to make the most of this book.
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Watch Audience with the Pope Live

February 13, 2012. Benedict XVI in his Wednesday's general audience. Before reflecting on Ash Wednesday, the Pope once again talked about his decision to resign. Live in wwitv.com
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Top 12 from 2012

A book, a song, a prayer, a videoclip, an audioclip, a testimony, a favor… are among the 12 most-visited items on the St Josemaria website in 2012. 1 A videoclip If I pray when I don’t feel like it, is it really prayer? A Brazilian girls asks St Josemaria, [...]
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The Eucharist: "I believe that You are here."

Barcelona, Spain, November 26, 1972. St Josemaria reminds us that Jesus is present in the Eucharist. Praying before the tabernacle with that attitude means making an act of faith. I'll tell you to go to Holy Mass as often as you can. Nobody "presides" at the [...]
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Who taught you how to walk?

Our Lady is our Mother, explains St Josemaria, and as such she teaches us how to walk in the life of faith. The video was filmed in Valencia, Spain, on November 16, 1972. - Father, I read in The Way that our Lady is our [...]
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How can we help the Church?

St Josemaria explains that when one of the baptized tries to be better, through the Communion of Saints he or she is doing good to the whole Church. Let's help the Church, let's serve the Church, let's love everyone, and then things will go well. And [...]
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The top 11 of 2011

Here are the 11 most viewed 2011 articles of this website: a film, a song, a prayer, a city, an event, a testimony, a letter, a documentary, a videoclip, a book and a game. 1 A film Interview With Roland Joffe in Rome There Be Dragons. [...]
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Ideas for Christmas presents

A book can make a wonderful Christmas present – and why not choose one of the many books by and about Saint Josemaria? The following is a list of books by him, and others about his life and aspects of his message. Plus DVDs about [...]
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