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Praying with St. Joseph

The Founder of Opus Dei saw in St. Joseph the strong and affectionate father that Christ wanted on earth. He asked St. Joseph to teach him how to stay close to Mary and to Jesus: “How he would have embraced the Child, and kissed him!”. [...]
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To be a good Christian, be a good teacher

St. Josemaría said that the spirit of Opus Dei contains the marvelous truth that all worthy and upright human undertakings can be turned into divine ones. Many people have experienced a complete turnaround in their lives when they came to know this teaching, sometimes after [...]
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Work is a way to holiness

Video. Bishop Alvaro del Portillo explains how the work helps us to be Christians all the time, not just at the weekend.
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Love and sacrifice

Following St Josemaria’s message. "We should love the Mass and make it the centre of our day. If we attend Mass well, surely we are likely to think about our Lord during the rest of the day, wanting to be always in his presence, ready [...]
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To the very last Stone

The inspiration for Laguna Hospital Care Center in Madrid, Spain, was St Josemaria’s centenary in 2002. Eleven years later its last stone has been laid. “I was once looking through the Roman Ritual in search of the prayers for blessing the last stone of a building, [...]
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Doing everything for God

I am Anna Riina, I am from Finland and I am 25. Now I am studying theology in Rome, on a History of the Church program at the University of the Holy Cross. I have been a Catholic for three and a half years. Now, [...]
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By doing your duty as a Christian

A university lecturer asks St Josemaria how to stay in God's presence during intellectual work. St Josemaria answers, "I want you, before you begin, to offer your work, and when you get distracted, when something distracts you, offer him your work again, and when you [...]
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On the 7th day of praying, my husband was called for an interview!

My husband had been working in the Human Resources Department of an international resort hotel for a number of years, but in June 2009, his contract was not renewed and although he has good working experience, he got only two to three interview opportunities after [...]
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Pope in Sardinia: When there's no work, there's no dignity!

September 23, 2013 (Romereports.com) The lack of work produces suffering. In a blunt speech to labor representatives at the Italian island of Sardinia, Pope Francis spoke of the evils of unemployment.
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New downloads

The Novena for the Sick, the Novena for the Family, and the Novena for Work to St Josemaria can now be downloaded in epub format and for Kindle, as well as pdf. The person who composed the three novenas, Fr Francisco Faus, explained: “What moved [...]
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