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Metro Women of Character

A brief look at the impact of Metro Achievement Center for girls, for Chicago urban youth in grades 4-12.
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Bohemian but not slapdash

I am an author, novelist, op-ed writer, and married with four children. I have a wonderful job: telling stories. I had the great good fortune to be born into a Christian family which was imbued quite naturally with St Josemaria’s teachings. I say “quite naturally” [...]
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After 10 months with no luck

I had been searching for a job for the last 10 months with no luck. In September 2011 my sister told me about Josemaria’s novena for work. I started praying the novena on the 26th of September and finished on the 4th of October. On [...]
Tags: Work, Job, Kenya, favours of the founder of Opus Dei

Inside the library

The world of libraries: a network of human relations in which God has his place When I say I am a librarian, people often say, “Lucky you, you must read lots of books!” It’s true that a large number of books passes through my hands, but [...]
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How can we help our children love to work?

Video. Material progress has also created a sense of being well off. How can we help our children love to work? Clips from a filmed gathering with St Josemaria Escriva during his catechetical journey to Venezuela, in February 1975.
Tags: Justice, Poverty, Solidarity, Work, Society, Venezuela

How can we sanctify our work and sanctify ourselves through our work?

All I’ve done is act as loudspeaker for our Lord... Scripture says, “he chose us (...) before the foundation of the world that we should be holy (...) in his presence”
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Did Josemaria have the vision of Opus Dei just like it comes in the movie?

It was substantially the same, according to the account left by St Josemaria. It happened on October 2, 1928, while he was doing a spiritual retreat. There, alone in his room, he saw what God wanted of him, and Opus Dei was born as a [...]
Tags: Work, October 2, 1928, Holiness, Founding of Opus Dei

I looked for a job and found my faith

Two years ago (March 2009) I lost my job. I tried to get another but found nothing. When I was really desperate an aunt of mine gave me the St. Josemaria Escriva prayer and said, “Pray this every day and you’ll get a job.” [...]
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Prayers answered for employment & accommodation

I am writing to thank St Josemaría for his intercession before God for favours granted. As a returning resident to my country I began to search for employment, as is the norm. But the days passed by with countless applications to various employers but no [...]
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It's about how you live your life

So I'm Nic and I'm a producer. I'm also an expert in media and communications. And I had the great privilege of not only meeting but working with Opus Dei around the time of the Da Vinci Code release. Part of Opus Dei's message and the [...]
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