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Prayers answered for employment & accommodation

I am writing to thank St Josemaría for his intercession before God for favours granted. As a returning resident to my country I began to search for employment, as is the norm. But the days passed by with countless applications to various employers but no [...]
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It's about how you live your life

So I'm Nic and I'm a producer. I'm also an expert in media and communications. And I had the great privilege of not only meeting but working with Opus Dei around the time of the Da Vinci Code release. Part of Opus Dei's message and the [...]
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St. Josemaria’s prayer card kept me going

I want to thank the Lord and St. Josemaria for providing me with a job. I had been out of a job since September 2010 but I kept saying the prayer card. I would say it over and over again and it kept me going [...]
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The prayer-card has turned my life around

It was 16 years ago when I went on my knees praying to have changes in my life. Then one day I came across the prayer-card of St. Josemaria. I decided to give it a trial, but it has turned my life around completely. I [...]
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St. Josemaria has been a huge help

I was in military training we were getting pushed hard treated or even abused by our instructors. We were often deprived of sleep and rest. I started making prayer cards to St.Josemaria and everytime I prayed to him my prayers would get answered. St.Josemaria interceded [...]
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The late Josefina Magno, MD, hero to terminally sick patients and their families

Probably the most renowned woman in Opus Dei in the United States was the late Josefina Magno, M.D., widely regarded as one of the founders of the hospice movement in the United States. Hospice care gives patients with terminal illnesses and their families the support [...]
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Homily by the Prelate of Opus Dei, June 26, 2010

Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei Homily for the feast of St Josemaria Escriva, given in the [...]
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In Saint Joseph's workshop

A homily given on 19 March 1963, the feast of St Joseph. Download the homily "In Joseph's Workshop". We do know that he was not well-to-do: he was just a worker, like so many millions of people throughout the world. He worked at the same demanding and [...]
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I'm Short of Time

A doctor asks St Josemaria Escriva: “Some days our work leaves us no time for anything else. How can we keep sanctifying ourselves and manage our homes?”
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Dancing Hula in the Quest for Holiness

I learned from St. Josemaría’s love of freedom that God made me the way he did for a reason, and as a Christian I have to be open to his promptings so I can fulfill what he wants of me. I can’t wait to find [...]
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