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Students build homes – and a more human society

“A university must educate its students to have a sense of service to society,” said St Josemaria Escriva. In Tunapuna, Trinidad, a group of people ranging from secondary school to university students showed their solidarity with families in difficulties by building them a new house [...]
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Statue in St Peter's

August 30 2005: a statue of St Josemaria was placed in a niche on the outside of St Peter’s in Rome and blessed by Pope Benedict XVI.
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Christians in the media

The subject of the following interview was Fr La Porte’s doctoral thesis entitled “Christians in the media according to St Josemaría. Historical context and spiritual and pastoral development”. In the interview, Fr. La Porte answers questions about the background to his thesis. Why did you choose [...]
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From Toxicity to Transcendence: St. Josemaria and Contemplation in the Workplace

I am a physician, not an expert in theology or philosophy, and I never knew St. Josemaria personally. I do, however, consider myself an expert in one thing: stress. Like many of my colleagues, I am a connoisseur of stress. We have an ice-cream shop [...]
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Reaching each person’s heart

I have worked for several years in different catering and hospitality schools and at the same time in the service sector. I am currently studying for a degree in dietetics, because I see thorough scientific training as essential if I am to do my work [...]
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A Professional Outlook On the Work Of The Home

HomeAdvantage Plus, LLC is a corporation launched in late 1997 to provide educational resources and practical Information for creating a home that enhances the quality of life for individuals and families. HomeAdvantage Plus was conceived in my heart in April of 1973 when I joined Opus [...]
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The “theology of the donkey”

Try to remember what a donkey is like — now that so few of them are left. Not an old, stubborn, vicious one that would give you a kick when you least expected, but a young one with his ears up like antennae. He lives [...]
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Working for love

What sanctifying one’s work means: finding God in the material things of this world.
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No sooner said than done

At the beginning of 2007, when I had almost finished my thesis for a PhD in Industrial Engineering, I decided to start looking for my first job. Six months before, among a set of very interesting booklets, I had found the Novena for Work to [...]
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Point 42 of The Way

I first came into contact with Opus Dei when a doctor in my parish began holding monthly social gatherings for parishioners at his home. One day he invited a priest of Opus Dei to give a talk. I seem to recall, that the talk wasn’t [...]
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